by Jennie Lakenan

Overcome obstacles holding you back from living the life you WANT to live. Find REAL solutions to long-lasting mental & emotional health and peace.

As a Certified Life Coach, I can guide and teach you the tools you need to become the BEST version of you.

Are you ready to try coaching?

Hello friend, I am a certified LDS relationship and personal development coach. Eight years ago, I lived through a divorce that left me spinning in uncertainty, self-doubt and shame. I met with several therapists, read countless self-help books and really struggled with my faith. I later remarried and began the daunting task of blending 10 children while dealing with my ex, struggling children, all the while trying to create an identity within myself and my new marriage. It felt overwhelming and hopeless. Therapy helped but it felt like a loose band-aid that kept peeling off.

When I was introduced to Life Coaching something clicked in a way that rang true deep in my heart. I learned to process the drama and trauma that was paralyzing me. I’ve learned to love myself and everyone in my story in a REAL and soul-changing way. I’ve learned tools that have healed me and my relationships permanently. I’m thriving in a 2nd marriage, currently raising the last baby bird to launch into adulthood and feel closer to God and my loved ones more than ever before. I’ve been where you are and can help you find the clarity, peace and joy waiting to be yours.

What is Life Coaching?

It’s like Yoda to Luke Skywalker, Professor Dumbledore to Harry Potter, Mr. Miyagi to the Karate Kid. Life coaching is a way to get perspective on your life and mind. A trained coach can help you see what is going on inside your brain. True coaching helps track down the cause of the symptom(s) and tackle these head on.

I have coached:

  • teens struggling with a sense of belonging, anxiety and depression.
  • missionaries (prospective & current) dealing with negative emotions.
  • women on weight loss, relationships, and identity issues.
  • men on addictions, relationships and awareness.
  • entrepreneurs on confidence and lofty goals.
  • empty nesters find purpose and meaning in their life.

As your personal coach I will help create a spiritual, non-judgmental and loving space that will allow you to open your mind and receive an honest perspective. I can help reveal things holding you back from living in your true identity and finding your life purpose. My goal is to help you live an intention driven life, improve relationships and help you find solutions to any problem. I will help you take steps to uplevel your life by accessing the power within to be the best version of YOU.