Come Follow Me Resources

by Claudia Hill
Fortaleza, Brazil

Part of my daily self care is making time to bathe myself in sacred text. It fills my soul with peace. Nothing brings me closer to the Spirit and recognizing God’s will for me than immersing myself in a serious study of the scriptures. Some days this consists of sitting at my desk for an hour or more. Other days it’s reciting a verse from memory as I hurriedly get dressed for the day or listen to a Come Follow Me focused podcast as I travel up and down the canyon.

Provo, MTC

I like to share an analogy with the missionaries I teach at the MTC which compares scripture study to being on a boat in the ocean. There are days when you are sitting on that analogos boat just sailing through a few verses. Occasionally, if you’re lucky, a fish or two will jump out of the water and you’ll be delighted at what you’re able to see or catch. Just breathing in the fresh, ocean air feels good. There are other days when you have time to jump into the water and go snorkeling, even scuba diving! You will need goggles, flippers, a snorkel and sometimes oxygen to get the full scope of the ocean from this vantage point. That equipment can be compared to the Come Follow Me study guide and other references available at our fingertips. There are occasional days that allow for submarine level study. Those are treasured days my friends. My point is we all find ourselves on different planes on any given day. The goal is to consistently embark on the boat to begin with. I urge you to plan time in your daily routine for this worthy endeavor.

I can point to so many experiences in my life where I have felt personal revelation come as a result of diligent study. Even if what I am studying doesn’t have a direct correlation to the need or answer I am seeking, there is always peace that comes in a discernible way.

Here are some of my favorite resources:

I love using the hardback Journaling Edition scriptures to read, highlight and record impressions. The print is plenty big enough for these aging eyes of mine to see. There is also plenty of room in the margins for adding favorite quotes, cross references and definitions. Deseret Book also sells a Journal Edition version in paperback.

The Come Follow Me Manual and Media Resources are the 1st tools I turn to for my weekly study.

If I had to choose one resource to use in conjunction with The CFM Manual provided by the church it would be Old Testament Made Easier by David ridges. It is an excellent companion for this years study to get the historical and doctrinal insight needed to dive deep. I have recently been gifted the Old Testament Study Guide by Valletta which I also LOVE!

My sister Monica introduced me The Red Headed Hostess. It is a $10 monthly subscription that includes study and teaching helps for all ages. Especially awesome for teaching young children! There are downloads for adults, teens, kids, and primary classes. I have really enjoyed studying via this method. My favorite tools are the quotes and conference talk excerpts that go hand in hand with what that weeks study entails. I enjoy printing them out and studying which ones I want to cut and paste onto my wide margin journal scriptures.

There are several Podcasts via Apple Podcast App that I listen to throughout the week. (They are also available on Youtube or through email subscription). I usually listen to a different one every morning while I’m getting ready for the day. I keep my scripture study journal handy in case there is a gem I want to write & remember.

  • Real Talk w/ Ganel- Lyn Condie & Scott Sorensen

I am sure there are many more resources out there, but these are the ones that I keep turning back to week after week. I can always find 30 minutes to an hour to listen and gleam gems to help with my overall understanding of that weeks study. Sometimes that looks like listening while going on a walk. Other days it looks like popping in my air-pods while doing household work like preparing a meal or folding laundry. It can look different for everyone!

I have always been an avid student of the scriptures. A scripture nerd. It fills me up. If all you have time for is listening to the outlined passages from the Church Manual on the Church app, do that! There is no one way, right way or wrong way to do this. A lot of it depends on your specific interests as well as your season in life. These are just tools that work for me! Hope it’s of help.

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