Why Blog

by Claudia Hill

I choose to story tell in effort to help preserve memories and share insight on things that bring me joy. Glimpses into life from my vantage point.

That being said I know that sometimes people might see this spot and think that my life is perfect. 

That is simply not the case. I have had and continue to have my share of trials and flat out tough days. I’ve got old hands, graying hair (which I color), a body that doesn’t work quite like it use to and occasional memory loss. I’ve got a teenager that keeps me on my knees & toes DAILY and relationships that still need a boat load of mending. I’m a “spiritual being having a human experience”. I rely on my faith, my friends, family and tools I’ve gathered along the way to give me strength and perspective. 

My goal is to have this be a place to share joy, encouragement and inspiration. 

The truth is while I go through hard things just like everyone else, I choose to focus on the good because that’s what I see everywhere. Not because life is perfect but because there is good to be found in every situation. 

If you have any questions about anything you see here feel to reach out. I’m just an email or text away. 

Sending love, Claudia

Side note: 

Special thanks to Zac Flores for helping me design this site and walking me through every step of the way. 

Deena Rutter for my logo. And Jennie Lakenan for helping me create my Coaching Page. 

Most photos and videos are taken by me, my paparazzi husband Pablo and dear friends as noted. 

Happy browsing 💛

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