You make me feel like dancing…

by Claudia Hill

Dance– the movement of the body in a rhythmic way, usually to music and within a given space, for the purpose of expressing an idea or emotion, releasing energy, or simply taking delight in the movement itself.

When Paul and I were given the green light to be sealed in the Temple (which had been previously closed due to the pandemic) on our actual wedding anniversary I was beyond thrilled! I was also super excited for the perfect excuse to gather with our closest friends and family to celebrate!

I come from a family and culture that loves 3 things pretty much above all else- family, food and music. When we’re able to combine the 3 into one event or gathering- BAM- MAGIC!

I remember clearly the anxiety I felt blending our friends and family at our 1st wedding reception 6 years ago. We were still navigating rough waters and trying desperately to establish our own identity as a couple much less as a family. While we felt so much love and support by those in attendance, it was still something that weighed heavily on my heart. I remember vividly the moment the DJ began playing music and the family jumped up on its feet and gathered round us. Grandchildren, adult children and their spouses, boyfriends, siblings, nieces and nephews joined us on the wood dance floor and began dancing, clapping and swaying with the twinkling lights that hung over our heads. For a moment in time there were no “his kids”, “my kids”, “his side”, “my side”- just family celebrating together. It was heavenly and brought a sense of hope that poured out of me in form of a smile.

6 years later similar event- different feelings going into it- same joy as we boogied and swayed the night away.

Special thanks to my dear friend Heather Tycksen for capturing the moments. And also to Luis Castro aka DJ Azuquita for playing just the right music at our celebration.

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